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What our customers say about chili-feet

On my tour I wore the chili-feet - 5mm warming soles and they have proven themselves, because I no longer had cold feet. Even at the monastery festivals, where you often sit for hours cooped up between all the spectators and sometimes can hardly leave your seat, I got used to constantly moving my toes or walking in place and my feet stayed pleasantly warm thanks to the chili-feet warm insoles .

I discovered the sole purely by accident on the internet. The delivery service was quick and uncomplicated. I've been wearing the sole for the third winter now. I work a lot in the fresh air. Cold feet in winter are the order of the day. Since I've been wearing the chili-feet insoles in my shoes, this is over. The heat is absorbed well as soon as you move. The sole is also slightly cushioning and comfortable to wear. I can only recommend this product.

The chili-feet soles are very suitable for outdoor activities at low temperatures. It's just a pity that they weren't invented sooner: I would have been just as happy with my part-time job at the vegetable market for many years as I was during my semester abroad in Alaska.

I'm absolutely thrilled! And not only during the sport, but also afterwards. I'm the kind of person who freezes on my toes very quickly and miserably. That's a thing of the past with chili-feet!

After I had comfortably warm feet with the chili-feet insoles in curling indoors and outdoors, my wife has now also tested the insoles in normal winter shoes and in curling shoes. She is overjoyed and no longer has cold feet.

The thermal insoles of our sons are used in the military and have proven themselves sensationally well. They are the only ones with warm feet, even with shoe size 50! Just great!

With a temperature of 3° to 9° between Christmas and New Year, I was on the bike several times for about 1 ¼ hours. After this time the toes were cold. With Chilifeet maybe a little less than without. Last weekend I rode at + - 0°, my toes were freezing after 1 ½ hours. The next day I tested it on foot: for 2 ½ hours I hiked on ice and snow to the Albishorn. Feet were warm.

70th degree of latitude, 1:30 a.m., -15 degrees, the sole is holding! Even under such extreme conditions, chili-feet still provides excellent service. With a lack of movement, however, these soles also reach their limits. But the good thing is: with a vigorous march, chili-feet can warm up even frozen toes within a short time. Top!

I tested the soles on several winter walks. Thanks to the soles, a very pleasantly warm climate is created in the shoes. To know for sure, I also did a test with only one sole (the original sole was in the other shoe). The difference was very noticeable.

The chili-feet soles are just awesome. I work at the post office and I never want to work in the winter without it again.

I was surprised at the impact the chili-feet soles have. Feet feel significantly warmer and more comfortable.

Venice in winter is a dream, but unfortunately you have to live with high water. I had chili-feet insoles in my rubber boots and waded through the icy sea water for hours. I really didn't have cold feet! Viva chili feet!

If I'm out with a rather weak shoe for the expected cold, the soles give me great support. Like last fall when I climbed Kilimanjaro in a trail running shoe.

As a recruit, I'm out and about in all weathers. Now I wear my chili-feet every day and I'm thrilled: I no longer have cold feet! I can only advise all recruits to order chili-feet immediately.

My daughter and I have horses and are in the stable several times a day. Not always a pleasure, especially in the cold winter season. But with chili-feet, the days of cold feet are over and working in the stable is fun even in the cold winter. Thanks for the great invention.