chili-feet warming sole

The sustainable Swiss thermal sole that converts movement into warmth.

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The chili-feet insole

Warm feet when you need them

  • heat from movement

    The chili-feet thermal insole does not require any batteries, because the heat is generated by the movement and the pressure generated on the sole.

  • Adaptive shape

    The chili-feet sole adapts to the shoe bed and remains in the appropriate shape, which leads to the best wearing comfort.

  • Custom size

    At chili-feet there are no one-size-fits-all sizes and shapes, the sole can be cut to size.

  • Durable and sustainable

    The chili-feet sole can be compressed around 1.5 million times and is washable at a maximum of 30°.

Quality product from Western Europe


chili-feet is a Swiss invention. The thermal insole, which works without batteries, has a special function and cannot be compared with other warm or insulating soles.


The chili-feet insoles are produced entirely in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This corresponds to the quality and sustainability requirements of the company.

More about chili feet

Everything about the product, the brand and the background in one compact video.

chili feet in action

The chili-feet insoles warm your feet during a wide range of outdoor activities. No matter whether in sports, in everyday life, at work or in military service.

  • During sports

    With the chili-feet insole you have pleasantly warm feet without sweating. Ideal for sports in the great outdoors, even during the cold season, such as cross-country skiing.


  • At work

    When it gets colder outside and the first snowflakes fall, the work outside becomes a real test. The chili-feet insole helps and gets you through the day with warm feet. Whether it's the transitional period or winter, chili-feet has the right solution.


  • In the military

    Especially those who do military service at the beginning of the year often have a hard and, above all, cold start. With the chili-feet insole you have nice and warm feet even in combat boots. (Photo: VBS/DDPS - Philipp Schmidli)


  • In everyday life

    There is hardly anything more beautiful than a walk through beautiful autumn or winter landscapes. With chili-feet you always have warm feet in any weather and even on longer walks.


  • In elite sport

    Top athletes from various sports rely on chili-feet. So chili-feet has already celebrated national and international successes in various winter sports.


That's why chili feet

chili-feet heat insoles convert pressure energy into heat when walking. The chili-feet does not need short-lived batteries or annoying rechargeable batteries. The microfiber surface ensures a comfortable fit and absorbs sweat directly.

Warm feet within minutes

Extensive tests in the laboratory show the increase in temperature when using the chili-feet insoles. With the 3mm sole, the sole temperature is already 5°C higher after 12 minutes compared to the starting temperature. With the 5mm sole it is even 10°C more after 12 minutes.

customer testimonials

This is what our customers say about our products

The chili-feet soles are just awesome. I work at the post office and I never want to work in the winter without it again.

I'm absolutely thrilled! And not only during the sport, but also afterwards. I'm the kind of person who freezes on my toes very quickly and miserably. That's a thing of the past with chili-feet!

The thermal insoles of our sons are used in the military and have proven themselves sensationally well. They are the only ones with warm feet, even with shoe size 50! Just great!

I was surprised at the impact the chili-feet soles have. Feet feel significantly warmer and more comfortable.

After I had comfortably warm feet with the chili-feet insoles in curling indoors and outdoors, my wife has now also tested the insoles in normal winter shoes and in curling shoes. She is overjoyed and no longer has cold feet.

Venice in winter is a dream, but unfortunately you have to live with high water. I had chili-feet insoles in my rubber boots and waded through the icy sea water for hours. I really didn't have cold feet! Viva chili feet!