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Warm feet while walking

Anyone who likes to go for a walk outside in autumn or winter will also have warm feet with chili-feet when it's a bit colder.

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Quality product from Western Europe


chili-feet is a Swiss invention. The thermal insole, which works without batteries, has a special function and cannot be compared with other warm or insulating soles.


The chili-feet insoles are produced entirely in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This corresponds to the quality and sustainability requirements of the company.

chili-feet warms with every step

chili-feet heat insoles convert pressure energy into heat when walking. The chili-feet does not need short-lived batteries or annoying rechargeable batteries. The microfiber surface ensures a comfortable fit and absorbs sweat directly.

Warm feet within minutes

Extensive tests in the laboratory show the rise in temperature when using the chili-feet insoles. With the 3mm sole, the sole temperature is already 5°C higher after 12 minutes compared to the starting temperature. With the 5mm sole it is even 10°C more after 12 minutes.

Known from

  • When walking

    Is it unthinkable that a winter walk is possible without cold feet? Then chili-feet helps so that you can enjoy the winter weather to the fullest.

  • While shoveling snow

    Whether it has a calming effect or not, shoveling snow stays. But what changes when you buy chili-feet – your feet stay warm.

  • With the dog

    Spending time with your four-legged friend is a pleasure, but the weather is not always nice and warm. When it's cold or there's snow, chili-feet offers relief for cold feet.

  • On a city trip

    Foreign cities have a completely different, special charm in winter. With warm feet, the city trip will be remembered even better.

The days of cold feet are over with the chili-feet

My daughter and I have horses and are in the stable several times a day. Not always a pleasure, especially in the cold winter season. But with chili-feet, the days of cold feet are over and working in the stable is fun even in the cold winter. Thanks for the great invention.