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Warm feet at work

Even if you work outside, you can have warm feet in the cold season. Thanks chili-feet.

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Quality product from Western Europe


chili-feet is a Swiss invention. The thermal insole, which works without batteries, has a special function and cannot be compared with other warm or insulating soles.


The chili-feet insoles are produced entirely in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This corresponds to the quality and sustainability requirements of the company.

A simple solution for every work shoe

Since the chili-feet insole can be cut to size, it fits into any shoe, including work shoes. The sole also adapts to the shape of the shoe bed to ensure maximum comfort. Due to the two different versions with a thickness of 3mm and 5mm, cold feet are a thing of the past both in winter and in the transitional period.

Warm feet within minutes

Extensive tests in the laboratory show the increase in temperature when using the chili-feet insoles. With the 3mm sole, the sole temperature is already 5°C higher after 12 minutes compared to the starting temperature. With the 5mm sole it is even 10°C more after 12 minutes.

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chili-feet in everyday work

The chili-feet insoles are suitable for working outside. Not only in the transitional period, but also in winter, the feet stay warm in any weather.

  • Working in the forest

    The job of forester is fulfilling. Out in the great outdoors and constantly on the move. However, it can get cold in winter. When snow covers your feet, the chili-feet insole helps, because the movement actively warms your feet with every step.

  • On the construction

    Construction takes place all year round, including in winter. Not only in winter, but also in the transitional period before and after, the cold can make everyday life difficult. The solution is provided by chili-feet, with thermal soles for both scenarios, because the chili-feet sole is available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.

  • For winter work

    With the fourth season come new challenges in everyday life. Thanks to the many people who do a wide variety of seasonal work in winter, we can get through a snowy winter. The chili-feet insole keeps your feet warm.

Feet feel significantly warmer and more comfortable

Since I often have to work outside in the cold even in winter, I always have the problem that my feet are not pleasantly warm. I was very surprised at the impact the soles have. Feet feel significantly warmer and more comfortable.